Bedroom Behavior is an independent lingerie brand designed and produced in New York City since 2013. Founder Ashley Golden is the driving force behind Bedroom Behavior and created the label with the belief that all women should have access to edgy lingerie as unique and sexy as they are.


Designer and creative director Ashley cut her teeth at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, majoring in intimate apparel design. After years of designing lingerie and swimwear for big name brands, Ashley decided to follow her passion and let her creativity take over, designing fashion-forward lingerie and accessories that celebrate all bodies and makes everyone feel sexy and seen.

Bedroom Behavior has taken the lingerie world by storm, catering to independent people everywhere who aren't afraid to make a statement. Bedroom Behavior's aesthetic is as bold and brazen as their customers, and their edgy style not only compliments every body but also leaves their customers feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time.

 "We believe in "Capturing Every Curve" because everybody is different and that's what makes us ALL beautiful" - Ashley Golden